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Copyright 1997, Wild Wind Creations, "graphics by lisamarie 1997"

Box Cover Red Style Teal Style
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Teal CPC1B
$8.00 PACK

Arrowhead Playing Cards

Through the designs of these playing cards, we celebrate the rich and colorful culture of the Native American Indian.

Each face card has been thoroughly researched to graphically illustrate the Wampum, Amulets, hair styles, textile patterns, and weapons of many nations, throughout the North America (Turtle Island).

Each suit is dedicated to and based upon a region's nations:

The Joker is a graphic blending of coyote, fox, and wolf...in the Native American belief that many lessons are taught through the coyote's tricks.

In designing these cards, we have kept the most avid card player in mind. Our face cards employ all of the correct head, hand, and staff positions found in traditional casino playing cards.

We wish you hours of enjoyment and the best of luck!


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