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1999 List of Native American Pow-Wows and Special Events
Published by MCNAA (All Events Open to the General Public)

09 Native American Awareness Program of CT (NAAP-CT) Children's Program & Pot
Luck Social, Margaret Eagan Center, Mathews St., Milford, CT (NT)
10 United N.A. Cultural Ctr (UNACC),Gathering & Potluck, (Fort)Devens, 13 Antietam
St, P-5 Bldg, Off Rte 2, Ayer, MA  978-772-1306
16 Greater Lowell Indian Cultural Asssoc (GLICA)Mid-Winter Pow-Wow, Bedford, VA,
200 Springs Rd, Bedford,MA  508-832-9669
16 Iron River Singers Winter Social, Rod & Gun Club of New Bedford, N.Hixville Rd.,
N.Dartmouth, MA  508-993-2117 (6PM)
17 Mass Center for N.A. Awareness, Papsaquoho Pow-Wow, Thayer Academy, 745
Washington St., Braintree, MA  617-884-4227
30 Dighton Inter-Tribal Indian Council Oak Hall, Rte 138, Dighton, MA  508-880-6887
6 Hosaga: 25th Annual Pow Wow, Springfield College, Dana Gym, Blake Sports
Complex, 263 Alden St, Springfield, MA  203-655-4685
6 N.E. American Institute Pow-Wow, Burgess Elem. School, Burgess Rd., Sturbridge,
MA  508-347-7829
6 Am.Indian Federation Inter-Tribal Social, Federation Hall, King St., Off Rte 102,
N.Kingston, RI (7PM) 401-231-9280
6 NAAP-CT: Children's Program & Pot Luck Social, Location--See Jan 9 (NT) 
14 UNACC: 1st Annual Winter Social  Location:   see Jan 10    978-772-1306
20 Iron River Singers Winter Social, Rod & Gun Club of New Bedford, N.Hixville Rd.,
N.Dartmouth, MA  508-993-2117 (6PM)
20-21 New Hampshire Inter-Tribal Council Pow-Wow, Mt. Valley Mall, Conway, NH  
27 Dighton Inter-Tribal Council Social, Council Oak Hall, Rte 138, Dighton, MA 
508-880-6887  (5PM)
6 Am. Indian Federation Inter-Tribal Social, Federation Hall, King St., Off Rte. 102,
N.Kingston, RI  401-231-9280 (7PM)
7(Sun) Mass Center for N.A, Awareness Pow-Wow, Sears TTown Mall, Off Rtes. 2 & 190,
Commercial St., Leominster, Ma  617-884-4227
13 Mass Center for N.A. Awareness Day-Long Workshopes, 1st Congregational Church,
25 Woburn St., Reading, MA  617-884-4227 (11AM)
20 Loving One & Lone Elk, Chaubunagungamaug, Melting Moon Gathering,
United Church of Christ, Church St., Webster, MA  508-865-9828
20 Iron River Singers Winter Social, Rod & Gun Club of New Bedford, N.Hixville Rd.,
N.Dartmouth, MA  508-993-2117 (6PM)
21 Indigenous History, Heritage, Spirituality, Potlatch, Zemis Holiday Moments, Boston
area   617-287-7359
27 Dighton Inter-Tribal Indian Council Social, Council Oak Hall, Rte.138, Dighton, MA   
508-880-6887  (5PM)
27 Indigenous Extermination Day *Understanding the Vega War of Colon* LOC: TBA  
28 Boston Children's Museum Annual Native American Day, 300 Congress St., Boston,
MA   617-426-6500  x261
3 Am. Indian Federation Inter-Tribal Social, Federation Hall, King St., Off Rte 102,
N. Kingston, RI  401-231-9280 (7PM)
10 NAAP-CT  Children's Program * Potluck Social ---Location--see Jan 9 (NT) 
10-11 Native American Appreciation Day, Lewiston Auburn Civic Center, Lewiston, Maine  
16-18 3rd Annual People of the Dawn Pow Wow, Beaver Dam Park, Gloucester, VA  
17 Dawnland Center:  Spring Pow Wow.   Location:  TBA   802-229-0601
17-18 Century Sportsmen's Club:  Two Nations Gathering, Century Sportsmen's Club,
Off Rte 56, Oxford, MA   508-892-8884
24 Mass. Center for N.A. Awareness: Milton Academy Indigenous Council Native
American Pow Wow, Milton, MA   617-522-6430
24 Wonderland Ballroom---Pow Wow
24 Brockton Fuller Museum of Art--Exit 18B off Rte 24, Brockton-508-588-6000 
12-4pm click here for more info
1 Worcester Inter-tribal Indian Center: 4th Annual Native American Author Signing &
Book Fair,Walden Books,Greendale Mall Off Rte 190,Worcester, MA 508-797-1741
1 Native American Program at Harvard Pow-Wow, LOC: TBA, Cambridge, MA 
1-2 Inter-Tribal Council of Tolba Menahan Pow-Wow, Dilboy Field, Rte. 16,
(Alewife Brook Pkwy) Somerville, MA  617-623-7302
8 Chaubunagungamaug Indian Council Planting Moon Gathering, United Church of Christ,
Church St., Webster, MA  413-436-5596
8 NAAP-CT:Pow Wow,Margaret Eagle Center,Matthews St. Milford,CT
8-9 Dartmouth College Annual Pow-Wow, Dartmouth Green, Hanover, NH 
8-9 Millennia Meet & UFO Copnvention, University of Mass/Boston, Prof. Fox Tree  
15-16 GLICA: Spring Planting Festival, Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest,
Trotting Park Rd., Tyngsboro, MA  (NT)   508-832-9669
15-16 UNACC Annual Pow-Wow, (Fort) Devens, 13 Antietam St, P-5 Bldg,
Off Route 2, Ayer, MA   978-772-1306
16 Woodland Native American Inter-Tribal Gathering: Opening of Season,
124 South Main St, Seabrook, NH  (NT)   603-474-9570
22-23 NH Intertribal Council Annual Pow-Wow, Tamworth Camping Area, Off Rte 16,
Tamworth, NH   603-539-5015
23 Am. Indian Federation Spring Culture Festival, Federation Hall, King St., Off Rte 102,
N.Kingston, RI  401-231-9280
29-30 American Indianist Society (AIS) Memorial Day Pow Wow, Camp Marshall 4-H
Campground, Off Rte 31, Spencer, MA   781-961-1685
29-30 Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation of Mussisquoi:  Heritage Celebration,
Airport Road, Highgate, VT    802-868-2559
29-31 Indian Plaza: Pow Wow, Rte. 2, Mohawk Trail, Charlemont, MA   413-339-4096
29-31 Mass.Center for N.A. Awareness Spring Planting Moon Pow-Wow,
Topsfield Fairgrounds, Rte 1, Topsfield, MA  617-884-4227
4-6 Otsiningo: 20th Pow Wow & Indian Craft Fair: Otsiningo Park, Exit 5 off Interstate 81,
Binghamton, NY   607-729-0016
5-6 LIHA: 2nd Annual Old-Time Good-Time Pow Wow, Dulac Land Trust, Sanbornton,
NH   603-437-3926
5-6 GLICA: Men's Weekend   Location--see May 15-16 (NT)   508-832-9669
5-6 Worcester Inter-Tribal Indian Center Annual Pow-Wow, Rutland State Park,
Rtes. 122 & 122A, Rutland, MA  508-754-4994
5-6 Togus Pow Wow Committee: Togus Veteran's Pow Wow honoring Simon Sockabasin,
Togus, VA Hospital, Togus, ME   207-582-4611
12-13 Wollomonuppoag Indian Council Annual Pow-Wow, LaSalette Shrine Fairgrounds,
Rte. 118, Attleboro, MA  508-882-5492
12-13 NH Intertribal Council Pow-Wow, Beaver Dam Campground, Rte 9, Berwick, ME  
12-13 Indian Plaza: Pow Wow     Location:  see May 15-16 (NT)   413-339-4096
12-13 Cowasuck Band-Pennacook/Abenaki People: Spring Gathering & Pow Wow,
Rtes 102-100-44, Chepachet, RI  508-528-7629
19-20 Worcester Indian Cultural Art Lodge Annual Pow-Wow, Pratt Junction, Off Rte. 12,
Sterling, MA  508-754-3300
19-20 Mohegan Tribe-Nation-NAIDA: Wolf Spirit Drum Annual Rolling Cloud Pow Wow,
Brooklyn Fair Grounds, Rte 169, Brooklyn, CT    860-886-9338
19-20 N'NEIPA: 5th Annual Monadnock Valley Indian Festival & Pow Wow, Checshire
County Fairgrounds, Rte 12, Keene (Swanzey) NH   603-647-5374
21 Indigenous History, Heritage, Spirituality, Potlatch, Zemis Holiday Moments,
Boston area   617-287-7359*
26-27 T.O.P.I.C. Annual Pow-Wow, Prowse Farm, Off Rte.138, 5 Bluehill River Rd.,
Canton, MA   781-337-4308
26-27 NENAI Summer Solstice Spiritual Gathering, Sterling Springs Campground, Ford Rd.,
Sterling, Ma   508-791-5007
26-27 NH Intertribal Council Pow-Wow, Tamworth Inn, Rte 16, W.Ossipee, NH 
26-27 Two Sisters:  Pow Wow, Lowell Catholic High Scholl Athletic Field, 530 Stevens St.
Lowell, MA   978-459-7214
27 Mt.Kearsarge Indian Museum Strawberry  Moon Festival, Kearsarge Mtn. Rd.,
Warner, NH   603-456-2600
TBA Keepers of the Circle Annual Summer Festival, Kanatsiohareke, 4934 State Highway,
Rte 5, Palative Bridge, NY   518-673-5692
3-4 Indian Plaza:  Pow Wow    Location: see May 29-31   413-339-4096
3-4 Eastern Woodland Inter-Tribal Pow Wow: River Rd., Off Rte 202. Lebanon, ME  
3-5 Calico Dancers: 27th Annual Good Time Pow Wow, Moreau Rec. Park, South Glens
Falls, NY   518-793-1693
3-5 No. Country Intertribal Pow Wow & Tipi Gathering: Clinton Lion's Club Fairgrounds,
(I-95, Exit 37, Rte 100 N) Clinton, Me    207-938-4382
3-5 Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Annual Pow-Wow, Memorial Field, Rte.130, Mashpee,
MA   508-477-0208
10 Chaubunagungamaug Indian Council Strawberry Moon Gathering, Unioted Church of
Christ, Webster, MA   413-436-5596
10-11 Narragansett Nation Annual Inter-Tribal Pow-Wow, Crandell Homestead,
Dun's Corner, Westerly, RI  401-364-1100
10-11 Twin Mt. Chamber of Commerce: Sagakwa '99, Twin Mt Rec Park, Rte 3,
Twin Mountain, NH  800-245-TWIN
11-18 Brotherhood Community: 12th Annual International Brotherhood Days- Pine
Ridge Reservation, Porcupine, SD    412-331-6129
17-18 LIHA: 4th Annual Friendship Pow Wow, Dulac Land Trust, Sanbornion, NH 
17-18 Mid-Summer Pow Wow: Nelson's Family Campground, Mott Hill Rd,
E.Hampton, CT   978-464-5549
17-18 First Light Singers Pow Wow, Route 116, Savoy, MA   718-726-2684
24 Clan of the Hawk, Coos Cowasuck Band of Western Abenakis: 2nd Annual
Native American Craft Show, Rte 58, Evansville, VT    802-754-6305
24-25 Dighton Inter-Tribal Indian Council Annual Pow-Wow, Somerset, MA  LOC: TBA  
24-25 Traditional Abenaki of Mazipskwik & Related Bands: 3rd Annual Pow Wow & Craft
Exposition, Highgate Arena, Highgate, VT   802-796-4531
24-25 Strong Turtle Drum: Pow Wow, Rte 8, Clarksburg, MA   413-664-6972
25 Hassanamisco Nipmuc Annual Pow-Wow, Hassanamisco Reservation, 80 Brigham
Hill Rd., Grafton, MA   508-393-8860
7/31-8/1 Am.Indian Federation Pow-Wow, LOC: TBA  401-231-9280
7/31-8/1 NH Intertribal Council Pow-Wow, Our Lady of Grace, Colebrook, NH 
7/31-8/1 Clan of the Hawk: 8th Annual International Pow Wow, Rte 58E, (I-91, Exit 26)
Evansville, VT   802-754-6305
7/31-8/1 Saco River Intertribal Pow-Wow: Hussey Field, River Road, N.Conway, NH  
7-8 Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Tribal Celebration, Pleasant Point Reserve, Rte.190,
Perry, ME  207-853-2600
7-8 The Little Bull Annual Pow-Wow, York Beach Ball Field, York Beach, ME 
7-8 GLICA: Women's Week-end.  Location: See May 15-16  (NT)
7-8 Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Tribal Annual Indian Week-end Celebration,
Pleasant Point, Rte 190, Perry, ME   207-853-2600
13-15 Mohegan Tribe Pow-Wow, St.Bernard's High School, Uncasville, CT  860-848-6100
14-15 Narragansett Nation Annual Pow-Wow & Thanksgiving, Old Mill Road, Rte.2,
Charlestown, RI  401-364-1100
14-15 Pratt Junction Pow-Wow, Sterling Springs Campground, Ford Rd., Sterling, MA 
14-15 Babylon Citizen's Council of the Arts: 19th Annual Paumanauke Pow Wow,
Tanner Park, Copaigue, LI, NY   516-661-7558
14-15 Indian Plaza: Pow Wow   Location:   see May 29-31   413-339-4096
14-15 Cowasuck Band--Pennacook/Abenaki: Summer Gathering, Wrentham State
School Field, (off Rt 1A/I-495 Exit 15) Wrentham, MA    508-528-7629
20-22 Mawiomi of Tribes: 3rd Annual Pow Wow, Aroostook County, Presque Isle, Me  
21-22 Dawnland Center:  Summer Pow Wow, Henry Parker's Farm, Rte 2, East Montpelier,
VT   802-229-0601
21-22 No. Country Native American Gathering & Pow Wow, Litchfield Fairgrounds,
Litchfield, ME   207-938-4382
21-22 Lake Quinsigamond Annual Pow-Wow, Lake Park, Lake Ave., Worcester, MA 
28-29 Four Winds Intertribal: 2nd Annual Intertribal Pow Wow, Colt State Park,
Rte 114, Bristol, RI  401-943-7752
4-5 LIHA: 29th Annual Labor Day Pow Wow, Dulac Land Trust, Sanbornton, NH 
4-5 Many Winds: First Light Intertribal Gathering & Festival, Academy St., Athens, ME  
4-6 Sly Fox's Watuppa Reservation Fundraiser Pow-Wow, Bialek Park, Linebrook Rd.,
Ispwich, MA  508-373-0403
11 - 12 18th Annual "Dancing Toward the Future" Traditional Pow Wow, 11:00 am, Bonsecours Island, Old Port of Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Contact:  J. Kent or G. Inutiq at 514-499-1854
11-12 MCNAA and The City of Haverhill, Chief Red Blanket Memorial Pow-Wow,
Plug Pond, Mill St., Haverhill, MA  617-884-4227
11-12 Chaubunagungamaug Indian Council Annual Pow-Wow, Greenbriar Park, Rte. 12,
Oxford, MA  508-865-9828
11-12 Native American Appreciation Day: 8th Annual Pow Wow, Topsham Fairgrounds,
Topsham, ME   207-339-9520
11-12 Parker's Maple Barn: 3rd Annual "Honor the Spirit" Pow Wow, Parker's Maple Barn,
Mason, NH   603-495-0205
16-19 Mashantucket Pequot Nation Annual Schemitzun Pow-Wow, Loc: TBA, Mashantucket,
CT  860-536-2681
18-19 Gr.Lowell Indian Cultural Assoc. & Bedford VA Hospital Annual Pow-Wow, VA
Hospital, 200 Springs Rd., Bedford, MA    508-832-9669
22 Indigenous History, Heritage, Spirituality, Potlatch, Zemis Holiday Moments, Boston
area.  617-287-7359
25-26 Manville Settler's Day, Manville Sportsmen's Club, High St., Rte 99-Sayles Hill Exit,
Manville (Lincoln) RI   508-528-7629
25-26 University of VT: Intertribal Pow Wow, Redstone Campus, S.Prospect St., Burlington,
VT   802-479-0594
25 Pow Wow, Newport, R.I.,  9am to 5:30 pm--All dancers and drummers are welcome--Newport Town Common---603-863-9544
26 Narragansett Nation Great Swamp Massacre, Rte 2, S.Kingston, RI  401-364-1100
26 Woodland Native American Intertribal People's Gathering: Closing of Season, 13
Johnson Way, Rutland, MA   (NT)    508-886-8978
26-27 Univ. of Mass Annual Pow-Wow, Amherst Campus, Campus Pond, Amherst, MA 
? Univ. of NH Annual Pow-Wow, Upper Football Field, North Campus, Main St.,
Durham, NH  603-862-0231
TBA Keepers of the Circle Annual Pow Wow,   Schenectady Co. Airport, Rte50,
Glenville, NY   518-489-0758
2-3 Dighton Inter-Tribal Indian Council Pow-Wow, back of Town Hall, Rte.138,
Dighton, MA  508-880-6887
2-3 Cowasuck Band-Pennacook/Abenaki People: Fall Gathering, Rte 103, Newport,
NH   508-528-7629
3 Narragansett Nation Annual Harvest Festival, Indian Long House, Rte. 2,
Charlestown, RI  401-364-1100
3 Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum Harvest Moon Festival, Kearsarge Mt. Rd.,
Warner, NH  603-456-2600
9 Chaubunagungamaug Indian Council Harvest Moon & Pot Luck, United Church
of Christ, Church St., Webster, MA  413-436-5596
9-10 AIS:  Homecoming Dance, Camp Marshall 4-H Campground, Off Rte 31,
Spencer, MA  508-966-2593
9-10 GLICA: Harvest Festival: Location: see May 15-16 (NT)  508-832-9669
9-10 Abenaki Nation of NH: 3rd Annual Pow Wow, Mi-Te-Jo Campground, Milton,
NH   603-473-2746
9-11 Indian Plaza:  Pw Wow    Location:  see May 29-31   413-339-4096
9-11 Inter-Tribal Council of Tolba Menahan Harvest Moon Pow-Wow, Lake Cochituate
State Park, Rte. 30, Natick, MA  617-623-7302
9-11 Paucatuck Eastern Pequot Harvest Moon Pow-Wow, Highland Orchard Resort Park,
Rte. 49, N.Stonington, CT  860-599-5775
10-12 Intertribal Council of Tolba Menahan: Harvest Moon Pow Wow, Lake Cochituate
State Park, Rte 30, Natick, MA   617-623-7302
12 Extermination Day Remembered.  Info: 617-287-7359
16 Dawnland Center:  Intertribal Fall Social, Location TBA    802-229-0601
16-17 Indigenous Voices of the Western Hemisphere @ Williams College, 2nd Annual
Intertribal Pow Wow, Poker Flats Field, Williams College Campus, Rte 2 & 7,Williamstown, MA   518-872-1994
16-17 Wolf Den VIII Pow-Wow, Wolf Den State Park, Junction Rtes. 101 & 44,
Pomfret Center, CT  860-429-2668
17 UNACC Fall Festival, (Fort) Devens, 13 Antietam St., P-5 Bldg., off Rte. 2,
Ayer, MA  978-772-1306
23-24 Indian Maiden Monument, Native Gathering Honoring All Women, Rte. 113,
Ragatta Field, Lowell, MA  978-957-4714
23-24 Iron River Historical Fair, Rod & Gun Club of New Bedford, N.Hixville Rd.,
N.Dartmouth, MA  508-993-2117
6-7 Trudeau Memorial Center Indoor Pow-Wow, Trudeau Center, 3445 Post Rd.,
Warwick, RI  401-739-2992
7 Dighton Inter-Tribal Indian Council Tree Ceremony & Pot Luck, Council Oak Hall,
Rte. 138, Dighton, MA  508-880-6887
14 Wild Wind Creations Annual  Drum and Dance Program, Fuller Museum of Art,
Brockton, MA. call for information:  508-528-9331
20 MCNAA Nat'l Native American Heritage Day Pow-Wow, (Indoors) LOC: TBA,
Concord, MA  617-884-4227
25 National Day of Mourning Ceremonies, Cole's Hill, Plymouth, MA   617-773-0406
(12 Noon)
4 White Horse Social: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Institute Rd.,
Worcester, MA   508-831-5540
11 Chaubunagungamaug Indian Council Nikommo & Pot Luck, United Church of Christ,
Church St., Webster, MA  508-865-9828
11 Dighton Inter-Tribal Indian Council Pot-Luck & Winter Social, Council Oak Hall.
Rte. 138, Dighton, MA  508-880-6887
22 Indigenous History, Heritage, Spirituality, Potlatch, Zemis Holiday Moments,
Boston area.  617-287-7359

NOTE: Because a lot of the dates are set so far in advance, it would be to your advantage to contact the sponsoring group or indiv. to confirm the date & location of the event you are interested in attending. Then, follow up with a phone call a few days before for any cancellations.  Also, please note that some of our pow- wows are held on Sundays.  Most people assume that a one-day pow-wow is on a Saturday.  Lastly, for your information, note that not all of the events listed are sponsored by Native American groups or individuals.

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